• Welcome to the Freemarket Website

    The date for the next Freemarket is 1st February 2015 at Surrey Estate Primary School. Bring the whole family! Up to date info at Freemarketsa Facebook Page

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  • Restoring fair and just trading!

    With praise and thanks to the Almighty, the Freemarket has empowered and uplifted hundreds of micro traders to date. Running in its second year of operation with over 550 traders registered and an average of 200 trading per market, we have successfully implemented use of the silver dirham for trading. 96% of traders retain this inflation free silver money and have freely chosen it over paper currency.

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The Freemarket - Free to Trade!

The Freemarket is a means for economic upliftment, poverty alleviation and healthy social interaction. Did we mention its a day filled with FUN and entertainment for the whole family?

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What is the Freemarket

The Freemarket is a modern revival of the Islamic Free and Fair market place, as established by the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, his family and companions. Our model for the Freemarket derives from the principles established by the Messenger and his companions in the city state of Medina some 1400 years ago.

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Organising team

The Freemarket is organised by Islamic Network (ISNET). ISNET is a community network dedicated to doing good. For more information visit Islamic Network

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Programs & workshops

Every Freemarket has social awareness programs & sustainability workshops. These programs & workshops allows local service providers to showcase their skills & local activist to reach the people in the community.

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Real Money!

Islamic Network produces silver dirhams (silver coins) for use at the Freemarket. Coins are produced locally on a not-for-profit basis and follow the Open Mithqal Standard (3.11 grams of 999 silver)