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  • FreeMarket is a paradise for both sellers & buyers, other classifieds platforms charge from as much as R175 for 7 days for Paid Listings to appear on the first Page, but FreeMarket wants to grow with you, so while our services are all totally free till end of 2020, we know you will give us feedback about your experience relating to each and every post you make and especially what you think about our registration process.

    We also look forward to hear from you about the Design & Navigation if it makes it easier for you to Register & Post. Good news is that when we start to Charge for Paid Services, it will not be above R30 per month. Ask us how you can also secure Free Access after the end of the free period.

    PE Best Features the image on the left side

    The widget adjusts to all screen resolutions displaying items in a user-friendly and handy way.
    The widget allows configuring several simple but great setting that makes the widget flexible.
    No limitations for a number of displayed items.Create as many items as you need.
    You may choose the layout for all items selecting the text the main image orientation.
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